Zoo Zoo Zoo How about You You You

I went to the Woodland Park Zoo today! It was my VERY FIRST trip to the zoo! Mommy and I went with Kathleen and Phoebe, Jan and Sophie and Brian and the Abbster! It was lots and lots of fun!

We all walked around and looked at the animals. My favorite part was when we went to the African Savannah and saw all the wild animals! We saw Zebras, Lions and Giraffes! A lot of the animals were sleeping. so we didnt see them! I don’t blame them! I took a nap too! Mommy took a couple of pictures of the animals for me!

After looking at the Giraffes and Lions, we stopped at a little picnic area, so I could have my diaper changed and have a little snack. We were all sitting there and a peacock came over to us and said hello! THEN!! He spread his pretty tail for us and shook it out. I think he was flirting with Abby! He was very handsome and strutted around! Here is a picture that Mommy took of him!

I hope we all get to go to the zoo again soon! Nanni bought Mommy and Daddy a membership so they can take me lots! I hope that I get to see the butterflies when that exhibit opens and Mommy and I saw signs about FLAMINGOS coming to the zoo too! WOW!