Waiting on Sebastian

Well, we are somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks pregnant, depending on a.) who you ask b.) the method for determining said due date and c.) science. Of course, Sebastian could make his debut at any time now, and we are very excited! We are glad he wasn’t a Christmas baby, but he could still make it before the new year!

According to the ultrasound we had on Friday (December 21) he weighs 6# 8oz – but both my mid-wife Heather and I agree he’s just not that big! He is super active even this late in the pregnancy and likes to show how much he can stretch out. His favorite activities include elbowing my liver, bouncing on my cervix and kicking my ribs. Such a wild child.

The hospital bags are packed, much of the last needed baby things have been ordered and we are as ready to go as possible. (I don’t think anyone can really be THAT ready – and if the are PBBBT!!)