Slacker Mommy

I’ve been horrible about keeping Sebby’s blog up to date! So I’m going to post some pictures with some updates. This particular shot was taken yesterday…

Zoo Zoo Zoo How about You You You

I went to the Woodland Park Zoo today! It was my VERY FIRST trip to the zoo! Mommy and I went with Kathleen and Phoebe, Jan and Sophie and Brian and the Abbster! It was lots and lots of fun! We all walked around and looked at the animals. My favorite part was when we […]

Fun at Gymboree!

Last month I started going to Gymboree classes in Ballard. They are lots and lots of fun! We play games and sing songs. Usually Mommy takes me to Gymboree, but last Monday, DADDY took off work and both of them went with me! It was so much fun. We played with a beach ball. Daddy […]

Another photo session… starring ME!

From Friday’s photo session: This is me in my bumbo in my cool baby jeans, my “everyone’s favorite” onesie (cuz I am) and my gap hat! I am so hip! My mommy had to take lots and lots of pictures! Love,Sebastian

Run for NF

Dear friends, Some of you may not know this, but I am affected by a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic disorder of the nervous system which causes tumors to form on the nerves anywhere in the body at any time. My condition is fairly mild, but I do have an occasional […]

Me and Mommy

Daddy took this picture of me and Mommy today. She was tickling my feet and blowing on my tummy. It was so much fun! I was cooing and smiling! I loved it! I hope we do it again soon! Love,Sebastian

I’m 12 weeks old today!!

I’m growing so fast my Mommy and Daddy can’t believe it!

I’m in the running…. to be crowned the CUTEST BABY IN SEATTLE!!

Last year, my good buddy Zuben was in the running for the Cutest Baby in Seattle. It’s a contest held by one of the local radio stations here. My mommy entered me this year. Well, the first round of voting was this past week – over 6000 babies were entered! Yesterday it was everyones turn […]

I’m 10 weeks old today!

I am getting to be such a big boy! I weigh nearly 12 pounds and am over 23″ long! I am growing so fast my Mommy and Daddy can’t believe it! At this rate, Mommy is going to have to go shopping for new clothes for me! Good thing that Baby Gap has great sales! […]

I LOVE my TinyLove

Last weekend my Mommy and Daddy bought me a TinyLove play gym with some money that my Nannie had generously sent to me in a baby card! I LOVE my gym. It is lots of fun to play in it. My favorite toy on it is Mr. Purple Giraffe. I can coo and giggle to […]