A visit to the Children’s Museum of Seattle

Today, my Mommy and I met my friends Rosalie and Ainsley (and their mommies Anne and Rhonda) at the the Children’s Museum of Seattle. We had lots of fun checking everything out and playing. We played with the food exhibit, the water table and watched the guppies in a fish tank! We even got to […]

Christmas parties and meeting SANTA!

Yesterday my Mommy and I went to my friend Abby’s house for a Christmas party. Lots of my friends were there including Leif, Isaac, Rosalie, Aynsley, Achilles and Tailia! We had lots of fun playing with toys by Abby’s Christmas tree! My friend Penny read me a story. It was very good!Isaac and his mommy […]

A fun day!

One of my Christmas presents came today, Mommy and Daddy let me have it early, its a Play Area for our house so I don’t get into too much trouble. It plays music and has lots of bright colors. I fit in it with all of my toys too! Later we met my buddies Leif, […]