I’m so excited!

Yesterday Daddy came home from work early because Mommy had to go to the “big” ultrasound appointment! It took a really long time, but I had Mommy’s iPhone with lots of games and movies so I kept myself occupied with Daddy’s help. When we were all looking at the pictures of the baby we saw […]

Dear Sebby

Dear Sebby, I understand that despite all the yummy food you had yesterday you felt the need to wake up around 12:30am for a sippy, that’s ok. Mommy loves you and was happy to give it to you and turn on your Twilight Turtle for a Starry Starry Night. HOWEVER. Waking up again at about […]

I’m going to be a big brother!

In case you missed my secret message at Christmas, I thought I would share this picture with you!

Centering 2nd birthday

My first haircut

photos coming soon

My 2nd birthday

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve snack…

Meeting Santa

I wasn’t so sure about this Santa business. I thought he was going to grab my cookie!

22 months! (11.10.09)

Sebby had a friend come over for an early morning playdate!