Introducing Quincy to Santa

So, me and Santa go way back. As a big brother I felt it was important to introduce Quincy to the big guy. I still don’t know if I trust him with my cookies though!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve snack…

Meeting Santa

I wasn’t so sure about this Santa business. I thought he was going to grab my cookie!

Merry Christmas!

I had so much fun my first Christmas! Here I am by my new wagon that Santa brought! Within an hour I had learned to pull up to my knees from both my tummy and sitting. Something I had never done before! Christmas morning I opened all my presents and then we went to Derek […]

Waiting for Santa

Dear Friends and Family, Wow! It’s my first Christmas! I am so excited for Santa to come! I have been a very good boy all year, so I know he will come see me, my Mommy, my Daddy and my kitties here in Seattle. It’s been really cold here, we’ve already had snow, and we […]

Happy 11 months!

Mommy and I took pictures for my Christmas card on my 11 month birthday. I am not sure what to think of the lights, but they sure are pretty!

Christmas parties and meeting SANTA!

Yesterday my Mommy and I went to my friend Abby’s house for a Christmas party. Lots of my friends were there including Leif, Isaac, Rosalie, Aynsley, Achilles and Tailia! We had lots of fun playing with toys by Abby’s Christmas tree! My friend Penny read me a story. It was very good!Isaac and his mommy […]