Happy 18 months Sebby!

I love cupcakes from Cupcake Royale! I spied this on the counter and demanded that Mommy give it to me right away. The frosting is the best part I think. I had a good 18 month birthday! Love,Sebby

First Birthday Centering Party at Gymboree

Happpy Birthday to ME

I turned ONE today! AND! My party almost didn’t happen. When my Mommy, Daddy, Grammie and Cousin Suz arrived at Snoose Junction, they told us that they were having plumbing problems and that they had called Pallermo Pizza (yuck!) to see if they could accomadate us! Since we had about 15 guests coming we didn’t […]

Happy 11 months!

Mommy and I took pictures for my Christmas card on my 11 month birthday. I am not sure what to think of the lights, but they sure are pretty!