Snow and Skin to Skin

It’s been such an exciting few days! The doctors said I didn’t need my central lines anymore, so my belly button finally gets to heal (the cord was removed when I was just a day old!) Aside from not having to additional wires attached to me, I also get to have skin to skin contact with Mommy and Daddy! Snuggling on the pillow is nice, but lying on Mommy’s chest is SO much warmer!!

I’m doing really well on Mommy’s breast milk, which means she has to pump like CRAZY since I am still working on my breathing. They want to make sure I can breath ok without my oxygen before I get to have my meals au natural. Thats okay. I tried to sneak a bite tonight, but Mommy’s shirt was in the way.

Yesterday I got to meet my Aunt Erin, she took Mommy and Daddy out to breakfast at Hale’s Brewery since they have been at the hospital for so many days. Mommy said the smell of hops was so strong she wondered if it helped her milk production just by smell!! It was a really pretty day outside, you could see Mt. Ranier outside my window (I am the only baby in the NICU with a nice view!) It was so sunny they had to close my blinds!!

Today my nurse Marta reduced my oxygen intake! I can’t wait to have this thing out of my nose, but she thinks I may have it a little while longer, even though all I am really getting right now is a sniffle. Everyone is really proud of me and my accomplishments!!

Tonight when I was getting my dinner from Mommy one of the nurses said it was snowing! So I have gotten my first snow! I didn’t get to play in it, but it sparkled outside my window.

Nannie and Poppie are coming to see me tomorrow, they took the train from Maryland. I am hoping I can show off for them somehow.

Tomorrow is another big day!! I had better get some rest!