Sebastian Has Arrived!

Sebastian Elias Jablonski was born at 6:08am on January 10, 2008, weighing in at 7# even. We don’t have his length measurements yet. Birth story to come soon, we’ve been awake for nearly 50 hours, minus a few sporadic naps…

Editing this post to add the brief birth annoucement email Alan sent out on January 22, 2008:

Sebastian was born on January tenth at 6:08am, after 50+ hours of work on Kerri’s part. Right after he was born, it was clear that he was having a little trouble breathing and was transferred to the Neonatal ICU at Swedish first hill. Later that day he had a seizure and the doctors started running an incredible battery of tests trying to figure out what was going on.

Here we are twelve days later, and Sebastian is doing fine. All the tests have come back negative, his breathing sorted itself out with a little practice on his part, and he’s had no more seizures. We’ll have some follow up visits over the next few months, but it looks there is nothing to worry about.

We brought him home today, and he has been quite happy snoozing and snuggling with us. We want to thank everyone for all of their positive thoughts over the past week and a half, the road has been rough at times, and we will be forever grateful for your support.

January 22, 2008