MY First Road Trip…

…to the mountain!!

Last night Dave told my Daddy he wanted to go snowboarding and Daddy decided he wanted to go. So this morning, me, Mommy and Daddy loaded up in our Subaru and caravaned up with Dave and Amy to Everett to meet Dave’s friend Leland, and then we drove out on Route 2 to Steven’s Pass!

It was really crowded when we got there and almost ALL of the parking lots were full, we got lucky and got spaces when people were leaving. I’m glad Daddy and Dave found parking because I know they really were looking forward to playing in the snow! It turned out there were ski races that day. Silly two plankers! Snowboarding is SO much cooler! You can go REALLY fast on a snowboard and do all sorts of crazy things! I can’t wait til I’m big enough to try it!

Mommy and I hung out in the lodge while Daddy and the rest of our friends hit the slopes! I was a very good baby and snuggled with Mommy or sat in my car seat. Lots of other skiers and snowboarders commented on what a cute baby I was! There were other babies there too, but I was most definately the cutest one there!

Daddy had a really good time on the mountain! He and Mommy realized it had been almost 3 years since he had got to play in the snow! He wants to go again soon!

After they were all done racing down the mountain we sat in traffic forever! Daddy says sometimes on Sundays the traffic is bumper to bumper all the way to Everett. SO CRAZY~ We decided to stop in Monroe for dinner at the Buzz Inn Steakhouse in Monroe. I snuggled with Mommy who ordered shrimp and fries so she could eat with one hand. Wasn’t that nice of me?!?

I can’t wait to go on my next road trip! Maybe next time we will go to Mt. Baker!

I’m pooped out and so are Mommy and Daddy, so GOOD NIGHT!


My Nanni will be happy to know Mommy and Daddy packed an emergancy bag for me with clothes for Mommy and extra clothes for me, but I didn’t puke everywhere or blow out my diaper or ANYTHING! I’m saving all that up for something REALLY special! Like Andrea and Derek’s wedding!