I LOVE my TinyLove

Last weekend my Mommy and Daddy bought me a TinyLove play gym with some money that my Nannie had generously sent to me in a baby card! I LOVE my gym. It is lots of fun to play in it. My favorite toy on it is Mr. Purple Giraffe. I can coo and giggle to Mr. Purple Giraffe for a LONG LONG time! I also like to kick my feet and make the windchimes jingle!

I love my gym for tummy time too, because I can stare in the mirror at myself and smack the playmat so it plays music. SO COOL!

I even share my gym with Prudence, who loves it too! We share very well. She likes to lay next to me while I am playing in it. Her favorite toy is the plastic rings, she likes to bat at them. Last night she was even kicking at the windchimes too!

If you don’t have one of these gyms, and you are little like me, you should get one! They really are fabulous! My Mommy loves the gym because it is very easy to collaspe the gym and put it under the couch so its not in the way when I am not playing in it. It is one of my favorite toys!