Grammy’s visit

Having my Grammy here was great! Not only did I get lots and lots of snuggles, but we all had a nice visit.

It was really good for Mommy to have help during the day, since I am very demanding! She snuggled me so Mommy could take naps and showers! I know that made Mommy happy since I don’t always let her get things done.

We all cooked some nice meals and have lots of Cowboy Soup in the freezer. We also went to two of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite restaurants: Taste of India and Snoose Junction. Going out was so exciting! I like being social. I was a very good baby both times! At Taste of India I slept the entire time so everyone could enjoy their dinner. I was a little cranky at Snoose Junction, but thats only because I wanted pizza too!

On Sunday both Mommy and Daddy got a nap because I kept them awake from 1 to 7am!! I was such a wild man!

Grammy went home this morning, and I probably won’t see her until Christmas! I’ll be such a big boy by then! But I will still love snuggles!