Exciting news!!

Alan and I arrived at the hospital today for Sebastian’s 9am feeding, prepared to spend the day with him before going home for yet another night. The great thing about getting to the hospital at 9am is it means the pediatricians for the NICU and ISCU (infant special care unit) are making their rounds, so we get updates on Sebastian.

This morning, they mentioned that they would look into Sebastian moving downstairs to the ISCU, which means he would be one step closer to coming home with us. We expected this to happen on Tuesday or Wednesday, based on what we were told last week. We visited with Sebastian for a little while, and then went to hang out in the family room. My mom, Alan and I went and had lunch at a little diner near the hospital, when we came back, our nurse, Bob told us that Sebastian would be moving down to the ISCU this afternoon!!! AND we got a PRIVATE ROOM!!

We went home to pack up clothes for Sebastian and I, the lap top and some other necessities and here I sit, in the ISCU, a fed and happy Sebastian in his bassinet. It’s very real now and very cool.

I get the feeling that I am more likely to be kept awake from the nurses coming in and out, and the general hospital noise than Sebastian, but we will see. Alan will be here tomorrow night to stay over, he has an EARLY day at work tomorrow. I think its the first night we have been apart in a few years, its a little strange.

I think its naptime for me, but I sure am glad Sebastian has made the next step in coming home.