Drop In and Meet Sebastian!!

Today I had my first party!! Lots of people came to see me, my Mommy and my Daddy. My visitors included Meghan. my buddy Elijah and Meghan’s mommy who drove down from Bellingham.

Daddy’s Star Wars friend Dave came up from Longview with his friend Amy for the weekend and they came to my party too!! Shawny, Munyaka and Shannon were here, as well as James, Shelby and their daughter Lucy. Oh! and I can’t forget Bev, Lisa and Eric.

It was lots of fun! Shawny brought some yummy brownies that everyone really enjoyed and Mommy, Daddy, Dave and Amy shared a pre-party pizza from our favorie pizza place, Snoose Junction!! Good times were had by all! I even got to snuggle with Lisa!! It was great!

I want to thank everyone for coming to my party! I can’t wait to see you all again really soon!!