Ditching the Diaper Service

Mommy and Daddy are getting brave! Yesterday Mommy called Seattle Diaper Service and canceled the “Diaper Fairy!” She and Daddy have decided to wash thier own cloth diapers. Here I am, modeling a BumGenious 3.0 One Size Pocket (BG OS) in Twilight.

BumGenious makes pocket diapers. They are awesome for night time! No leaks so far!

We also like Blueberry Minkys (so soft and fun to poop in) and Happy Heineys! I will make sure that Mommy and Daddy take lots of pictures of me in my fancy new diapers!

Pocket diapers, especially the one size ones are cool. Mommy can stuff them with inserts to make them more absorbent and they should fit me for a long long time because they are adjustable.

I need a bunch more though – because right now Mommy needs to do laundry everyday!

Our favorite place to buy diapers is www.abbyslane.com! A nice little company in Virginia!

More later, I have a fancy new diaper to poop in!