Dear Sebby

Dear Sebby,

I understand that despite all the yummy food you had yesterday you felt the need to wake up around 12:30am for a sippy, that’s ok. Mommy loves you and was happy to give it to you and turn on your Twilight Turtle for a Starry Starry Night.

HOWEVER. Waking up again at about 4:30 for another sippy is really quite unacceptable. We really need to talk about this, as Mommy and Daddy need their sleep.

Now, I realize since Mommy eventually gave up and got up at about 5:!5am, she was able to put away the Amazon grocery delivery AND get the trash out on time (which never happens) it now means that she will need to nap today when she should be working on CityMommy stuff.

Of course, now you are happily playing as I spy on you with your video cam, you have your turtle you are turning off and on to your delight. I have no intention of coming to get you until 7am when Sesame Street is on, because quite frankly, Barney is on before it, and no one in their right mind can handle a singing purple dinosaur with out a drink and Mommy can’t have alcohol right now.

Please understand my dilemna.



ps Dont even think of using your stealth baby phone to call your other toddler buddies to act up today, it’s not cool.