MY First Road Trip…

…to the mountain!! Last night Dave told my Daddy he wanted to go snowboarding and Daddy decided he wanted to go. So this morning, me, Mommy and Daddy loaded up in our Subaru and caravaned up with Dave and Amy to Everett to meet Dave’s friend Leland, and then we drove out on Route 2 […]

Drop In and Meet Sebastian!!

Today I had my first party!! Lots of people came to see me, my Mommy and my Daddy. My visitors included Meghan. my buddy Elijah and Meghan’s mommy who drove down from Bellingham. Daddy’s Star Wars friend Dave came up from Longview with his friend Amy for the weekend and they came to my party […]

Many faces of Sebastian

Hanging out with my posse

Mommy’s first “Trial By Childbirth” group was today. We hung out with all the other Mommies and my friends at Anne’s house. It was a lot of fun to be with everyone as a group for the first time since all of us babies were born! We are all such cool and hip babies. Our […]

Grammy’s visit

Having my Grammy here was great! Not only did I get lots and lots of snuggles, but we all had a nice visit. It was really good for Mommy to have help during the day, since I am very demanding! She snuggled me so Mommy could take naps and showers! I know that made Mommy […]

Grammy comes today!

And I am sooo excited! Mommy is waiting on a call from Daddy about when she will be here! I am going to get lots of extra snuggles! So much fun!! More soon! Love,Sebastian

comments fixed??

I think I have now fixed the ability to leave comments. For whatever reason, setting it to “members” does not mean everyone who is invited, only Alan and I. It should now be set to those with google accounts. I do have the option to leave it open for anyone, but I am leary of […]

Sharing Lap Space

The kitties, Prudence and Jhana don’t seem to mind that I am here, and they have left me alone for the most part. Prudence however, decided that the nursing pillow is the perfect place to take a cat nap. I don’t mind too much, she keeps me cozy and warm. I think she really only […]

Vroom Vroom

Yesterday the doctor came to my room and told my Mommy and I that I was getting my “walking papers” and that I would get to go home! Mommy called Daddy at work and he came to pick us both up. My first car ride was really great! I was all snuggly in my car […]

Tubby Time!!!!

I had my first tubby time tonight. I wasn’t to thrilled about being immersed in water, as you can see, but my Daddy meant well…. I’m not so sure the tub was ergonomically correct, as I kept sliding down into the water. I would have preferred to a whirlpool, but I guess beggars can’t be […]