It’s a Small World After All!

17 Months!

Happy 17th Months to me! Here I am reading my science flashcards after dinner. You can still see my dinner on my face! Whoops! Looks like Mommy missed some! Mommy apologizes for not keeping up with my blog. I need to learn how to post myself. She will be uploading lots of pictures soon, including […]

The weekend!

On Saturday, we braved the cold and rain and went to the Seattle Aquarium. Here is me and Mommy checking out the River Otters. Jackson is my buddy from Gymboree. He had his first birthday party on Sunday. It was lots of fun. Jackson even shared his cupcake with me. I had to show him […]

A visit to the Children’s Museum of Seattle

Today, my Mommy and I met my friends Rosalie and Ainsley (and their mommies Anne and Rhonda) at the the Children’s Museum of Seattle. We had lots of fun checking everything out and playing. We played with the food exhibit, the water table and watched the guppies in a fish tank! We even got to […]

Daddy and Me

Daddy got Mommy a new lens for her camera. Now she can play with depth of field (bokah) and take lots of portraits. More to come!

More recent photos!

Pictures for you!

These are loading in reverse order, and really random. Really, my Mommy will get better about updates!


I didn’t get to go to Washington DC, but I did watch President Obama take the Oath of Office!

First Birthday Centering Party at Gymboree

Happpy Birthday to ME

I turned ONE today! AND! My party almost didn’t happen. When my Mommy, Daddy, Grammie and Cousin Suz arrived at Snoose Junction, they told us that they were having plumbing problems and that they had called Pallermo Pizza (yuck!) to see if they could accomadate us! Since we had about 15 guests coming we didn’t […]