Introducing Quincy to Santa

So, me and Santa go way back. As a big brother I felt it was important to introduce Quincy to the big guy. I still don’t know if I trust him with my cookies though!

Quincy’s Birth Story!

Since some of you have asked for more details on Quincy’s birth, I thought I’d share the birth story that I wrote last week. This was written for my birth board, but obviously not all of you read that! There are still some holes that need to be filled in, but this is it, in […]

Announcing Quincy Detreaux Jablonski

Quincy Detreaux Jablonski Monday June 28, 2010 11:23pm 2lbs14oz ~ 15.95in long Pics coming!

Isn’t she pretty?

I’m so excited!

Yesterday Daddy came home from work early because Mommy had to go to the “big” ultrasound appointment! It took a really long time, but I had Mommy’s iPhone with lots of games and movies so I kept myself occupied with Daddy’s help. When we were all looking at the pictures of the baby we saw […]

Dear Sebby

Dear Sebby, I understand that despite all the yummy food you had yesterday you felt the need to wake up around 12:30am for a sippy, that’s ok. Mommy loves you and was happy to give it to you and turn on your Twilight Turtle for a Starry Starry Night. HOWEVER. Waking up again at about […]

Centering 2nd birthday

I’m going to be a big brother!

In case you missed my secret message at Christmas, I thought I would share this picture with you!

My first haircut

photos coming soon

My 2nd birthday