you’ve been warned…

Sebastian Has Arrived!

Sebastian Elias Jablonski was born at 6:08am on January 10, 2008, weighing in at 7# even. We don’t have his length measurements yet. Birth story to come soon, we’ve been awake for nearly 50 hours, minus a few sporadic naps… Editing this post to add the brief birth annoucement email Alan sent out on January […]

Headed to the hospital

after 4 hours in L&D last night with hard but non progressing contractions, we came home, got some “sleep” and now are headed back in! YAY! More to follow…. ps Morphine + cat/cow is great for back labor, that and the Fabulous Holly Hochstadt! Thank you HOLLY!!! XOXO

Not enough room at the inn…

I got a call from the charge nurse at L&D, they had 6 mama’s come in tonight, all in active labor, which means folks like me with medical inductions have to wait. I’ve chatted with the midwives and I am supposed to call tomorrow morning at 6am. They should be able to reschedule me for […]

Winding down

Only one more Centering session left! Here is our group, minus Elaina and Josh, who had their baby boy, Isaac just 12 minutes before our class started today! We will have to photoshop their picture in somehow! We are all counting the days until we meet our little ones, there are probably some unofficial polls […]

Waiting on Sebastian

Well, we are somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks pregnant, depending on a.) who you ask b.) the method for determining said due date and c.) science. Of course, Sebastian could make his debut at any time now, and we are very excited! We are glad he wasn’t a Christmas baby, but he could still […]