Exciting news!!

Alan and I arrived at the hospital today for Sebastian’s 9am feeding, prepared to spend the day with him before going home for yet another night. The great thing about getting to the hospital at 9am is it means the pediatricians for the NICU and ISCU (infant special care unit) are making their rounds, so […]

Nap time with Daddy

My daddy has been working hard all week, and we haven’t had much time together. Kathleen, the nice nurse that took care of me yesterday and today told my Mommy about a zer0-gravity chair that they have in the NICU that is great for naps! After my Mommy fed me this afternoon, Daddy and I […]

Breast is best…

Now that I am off of my oxygen, Mommy breast feds me when she is at the hospital visiting with me (usually 3-4 feedings) I am catching on like a champ and its really great snuggle time! AND I can now regulate my own temperature so I have been upgraded to a bed without a […]

Snow and Skin to Skin

It’s been such an exciting few days! The doctors said I didn’t need my central lines anymore, so my belly button finally gets to heal (the cord was removed when I was just a day old!) Aside from not having to additional wires attached to me, I also get to have skin to skin contact […]

Snuggles with Mommy and Daddy

A quick post… Mommy is up late due to her breast pumping schedule and wanted to share these pictures. When Mommy and Daddy went to see my doctor in the NICU tonight, the nice nurse watching me asked if they wanted to hold me! It was my first time getting baby snuggles! I got to […]