Vroom Vroom

Yesterday the doctor came to my room and told my Mommy and I that I was getting my “walking papers” and that I would get to go home! Mommy called Daddy at work and he came to pick us both up. My first car ride was really great! I was all snuggly in my car… Continue reading Vroom Vroom

Tubby Time!!!!

I had my first tubby time tonight. I wasn’t to thrilled about being immersed in water, as you can see, but my Daddy meant well…. I’m not so sure the tub was ergonomically correct, as I kept sliding down into the water. I would have preferred to a whirlpool, but I guess beggars can’t be… Continue reading Tubby Time!!!!

Exciting news!!

Alan and I arrived at the hospital today for Sebastian’s 9am feeding, prepared to spend the day with him before going home for yet another night. The great thing about getting to the hospital at 9am is it means the pediatricians for the NICU and ISCU (infant special care unit) are making their rounds, so… Continue reading Exciting news!!